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Inventory Software

Inventory Software

Features and Functionalities

Does your company desires for a better and complete control over stocks and inventory tracking for your business? GS3's inventory software can be a perfect manufacturing solution with every needs you have in mind for your organization.

What’s in it for you?

  • Real-time inventory tracking even between multiple locations
  • Provides an easy to use interface
  • Tracking payments for obtained products and for ordered products in the purchase orders.
  • Multi location stock control
  • Possibility to create and print any kinds of the inventory reports

Standard Features

Software runs on all Windows versions
Creation and printing Receiving and Shipping orders, Invoices for your inventory
Multi-user networking inventory software
Flexible configuration of back-ordering out-of-stock equipping units.
Order checking and updates
Inventory searching
Inventory software has a Point of Sale panel for warehouses, retail stores, bars, hotels, restaurants etc.
Transaction History
Import and export operations