Global Strategic Solutions Services, Inc.

Registration System

Online Registration System

Features and Functionalities

Having a corporate event such as, meetings, seminars, trainings and workshops? Why don’t you make the first step, easier and no sweat for your attendees? Create a great experience for every event with GS3’s registration software.

What’s in it for you?

  • Saves time in collecting and registering attendee’s details.
  • Serves as your customer’s database that can be used for promotions and other purposes.
  • Creates a unique approach for every event which gives a good impression from your customers.
  • Links to related software such as online ordering and any other customize applications.

Standard Features

Guest recognition via barcode reader
Admin navigation function that lets you add more attendees
Customize welcome message for every guest/company
Uploading and Downloading of online forms
Attractive invites and other smart communications
Report Generations